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Our air purification systems go above and beyond typical products. They are university and laboratory tested to reduce mold, mildew, and viruses. These systems are proven to reduce contaminants from influences like pet hair or in-home moisture build up. Filtration systems and purifiers can eliminate future damage to your air quality. Other common contaminants, such as pollen, pet dander and dust, can make their way into our homes and businesses. With an air purifier from Aerus, you can get rid of those contaminants quickly to help you breathe easier.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve to always breathe clean, fresh air. We'll work with you to provide an effective solution to your indoor air quality problem so you can stay as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Our air purification company is dedicated to helping people create healthy homes and businesses. Schedule your installation today by calling (763) 553-1570 - Plymouth or (651) 704-9975 - Saint Paul.

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You spend a significant amount of time in your home and business. Breathing in clean air can significantly improve your health. If you're ready to control what comes in and out of your home or business, turn to our air purification company for service.

Improve your home and business by installing an air purification system.

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Did Your Aerus Vacuum Break?

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Since most airborne contaminants are invisible, it's easy to think your air is perfectly clean. But the air inside your house or place of business could be full of allergens and pathogens that can cause irritation and spread illness. If you want to keep your indoor air as clean as possible, call on Aerus of Plymouth, MN.

We provide air purifier systems in Saint Paul, Plymouth and surrounding areas that use state-of-the-art ActivePure technology which helps eliminate over 99% of contaminants. You'll breathe easier knowing you're free from mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens. Find out more about air purifier systems when you contact us today.

Combine powerful cleaning with convenience

Do you want your floors to be as clean as your air? Aerus makes it easy to get a powerful vacuum cleaner that will make cleaning a breeze. You can choose from a large collection of floor care options, including powerful upright vacuums and convenient, easy-to-use canister models. If you're not sure what will work best for your specific space, you can speak with an experienced representative to find a model you'll love.

Restore your broken Aerus vacuum

There's no reason to let dirt pile up on your floors because of a broken vacuum. You can quickly and easily restore your vacuum by calling Aerus. Our process for vacuum repairs is simple:

  • First, we'll pick up your Aerus or Electrolux vacuum from your home
  • Then, we'll figure out the problem and give you an estimate on the repairs
  • Finally, we'll get your vacuum working properly and deliver it directly to you

Pickup and delivery are always free of charge, so you don't have to hesitate to schedule repairs. Make floor care easy by calling 763-553-1570 today.


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